Last days in the university before summer

    Our exams are almost passed, and the sun is shinning very bright, so there is truly a pre-summer rest autmosphere in the university. Everyone is tired of preparing for exams during nights, but very excited about comming holidays.

       I remember how we used to be waiting for summer holidays in school and then waiting for new school year, to see how everyone changed. I wonder, how will my friends change during summer, for we do change our all life. Know that will miss them greatly and hope to see during summer!


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Are we going to have banana trees in Ukraine?

If several years ago all the talks about global warming were just words, now we can judge about reality ourselves. This winter was the warmest in Ukraine by records and now we have summer temperature in May. Does it really mean that in about 20-30 years we are going to have tropical climate in Ukraine? The climate in Azerbaijan did change for example too,they had more snow when ever last year there. All the natural disasters in the world prove that climate does change. And so what should we do?Just sit and wait till the nature around us changed completely or trying to do something. The most important is that our help won’t destroy the rest of nature still left….

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History matters

The Hitory matters event, that was hold on April, 17  at Wisconsin International University in Kiev. On my opinion it was a great success. First of all it was so, because students had possibility t0 sumarize what they had been working on for so long and to present it to other people. Then the presentation consisted of so much useful information on that made people think about the past events and to anylize them. We had people of different generations and nationalities present, which proves that people which are so different have at list one similarity: past, which can’t be changed, but should be learned about and analyzed.

On my opinion more events like this should be organized, for they not ony give people lots of useful and interesting information, but also make think about the sence of life.

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And they say the weather does not matter

I think everyone knows the feeling when you wake up one morning and the room is filled with the sunlight. You fill the warm on your face, and can hear the birds singing. Isn’t that the wonderful beginning of the day?

Though some people say that the weather don’t influence the mood I don’t agree with that. Just one though about the gloomy weather can make me sad for a moment. That’s why I like summer so much. Many sunny days, hot weater…

 One can sure notice the change in the people’s behavior as the spring finally came. They became more optimistic, more energetic, so the sun does have it’s possitive influence!And don’t say, the thing is not in the weather!;)

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Why the last moment is always the sweetest?

They say that everything in life goes circles unless the person realized it, and corrects the mistakes. But if he didn’t learn his lesson and repeated the mistake once again, the destiny shows him it, going circles again, unless he corrects the mistake once and forever.  

I rolled back to the beginning of my blog, and realized that my destiny shows me that something should be changed, because the closest and dearest to me people are either far away from me, miles and miles away, or are leaving me soon…One person I can truly call a sister, for me means so much to me, leaves in summer…And the closer this time comes, the more shocked I become.Now I really start wondering why such hard for me things happen. This year I said good bye to two close to me people. Have no idea, how this third day, with the view of flying away plane, can be stand through… hate to say good bye!

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The trip to American Embassy

Last Friday we had visited American Embassy. That was a very useful trip, for I tried a new kind of research, called ProQuest. It is very similar to EbscoHost, but I personally liked it better, for it seemed easier and more convenient to me. I found more resources too.  

One of the sources from ProQuest I will also include in my research paper. It is the article by Gabrielle Tyrnauer “The Forgotten Holocaust of the Gypsies”. In easy for understanding language the author gives the briefing on gypsy history and describes how Nazi regime influences lives of gypsies. Besides, in this article one can find provements that gypsy genocide was racially motivated.  “National security, genetic health, racial purity, and crime prevention were used as rationales for killing the Gypsies, as they were of Jews.”  The author also tells what were the destinies of all those people, about their lives in concentration camps, and their persecution.  

Gabrielle Tyrnauer “The Forgotten Holocaust of the Gypsies” Social Education, February 1991: 111-113.

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Thesis Statement

I have been thinking a lot about what shold the thesis statement for my research paper be. For the topic is huge, and consists of so much informaton and important aspects. Then I thought, that even today, racism towards Romanies exists,a  lot stil do sufer much. I realized, that Nazi regime was mostly racially motivated. Nowerdays a lot of stereotyping still does exist. So, in my research paper work I will be putting accent on racism of the nazi regime towards Romanies. This is my thess statement : “Many facts about Parajmos had been hidden, kept secret and not spoken about, but killing innocent people for any reason, especially racist, cannot be forgiven, it’s necessary to let the truth come out and see the real side that influenced the lives of thousands.

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Atomic bomb

One more historical event is the black spot on the world’s history. It is the use of the atomic bomb. On the August 6, and August, 9 the first two atomic bombs were dropped on
Hiroshima and
Nagasaki, taking away the lives of one hundred people and injuring a like number of people. In a short period of time both cities were “erased from the map”.
The use of the atomic bomb was inhuman. It destroyed everything on its way and turned people into ash, it burned skin, made eye balls fall out, and took away body pieces. The use of the atomic bomb has its impact nowadays too, for it takes from 30 to more than 300 years to destroy some parts of the radiation, as the molecules are very strong. Some stay on the trees, as the trees help produce oxygen, some absorbed into the ground and so any food coming from there would be radiated. Why should children born 50-60 years after the use of the atomic bomb pay for the mistakes of the past?The use of the atomic bomb can be also called racially motivated, not just the way to solve the political situation between
America and
Japan. To compare, during that time period there were anti-Hitler or anti-Nazi images in
America, but none of them were led towards the whole nation, just the leaders. But when it came to
Japan, the huge wave of aggression and anti- sympatic was formed. All anti- Japanese images were based on race, a lot of stereotyping was used and Japanese were even described sometimes as inhuman, even gives supernatural powers like “seeing at night as a cat”, for example. Just absurd.
All the horrible effects of the use of the atomic bomb could have been avoided. There were a lot of alternatives, but rushing of the leader of the country to use the atomic bomb definitely didn’t cause to good. They said that president Truman was shocked himself when he saw the pictures showing the effects of the bombing. He words were “I don’t like the killing of all those kids”…But the mistake was already made. The use of the atomic bomb shocked the world and changed it once and forever.  

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Last year I have read a novel Maus by Art Spiegelman. In it the author has written and drawn his al life family. It also shows events that happened to his father and mother in the past and how they survived Holocaust. This novel is one of the books that had the greatest impact on my life, I can truly say that no booked shocked and impressed me more than this one. 

The main character Vladek (Art Spiegelman’s father) is a survivor of the Holocaust. Vladek had so many bright examples in his behavior that showed how surviving the Holocaust influenced him. Although Vladek was not poor, he had even more that enough money for him, he never spent a lot on Mala (his second wife) or even on himself. He counted food he ate and never wasted it. Vladek though he was always right so had to do most of the job by himself, to “get it done properly”. He didn’t trust anyone, didn’t believe in friendship, because years of war proved to him that even friends can trade and money can buy anything. He had stereotypes, especially towards black people. He didn’t realize that with the world changing people change too, so continued to live in the same fear, was willing to share with his son some good survivor’s lessons, “just in case”. Vladek and Anja (his first wife) were lucky to survive the Holocaust and WW2, but not only luck helped them. Vladek’s personality and talent to be flexible and to adjust to different situations took him and his wife through the most dangerous and inhuman times. Vladek was the fast learner, with the fast mind and some luck he helped not only himself but also his wife to come through impossible. Vladek came through one of the most difficult parts of history; he was able to survive Holocaust and the World War2. He used to live in almost inhuman conditions and overcame a lot of difficulties. All of those factors had a great impact on his character and changed his forever. Art, who grown in different conditions, in different history time, had a different point of view. Vladek didn’t pay as much attention to emotions and feelings any more, as life itself. And Art as an artistic person found hard for himself to understand that.  So, Maus had a great impact on me, though getting me to know about Holocaust better. This book also shows the other side of effects of Holocaust: how it affected the younger generations in
America that were affected by parents’ experiences.

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example research paper

I liked the research paper, given on the English Composition class top us as the example. The World War 2 really made the destiny of the country, which was not easy at all already, even harder. Ad I truly agree with the author’s thesis statement “Having sacrificed its sons, Ukrainian nation managed not only to overcome bloody war and hunger caused by Soviet and Nazi cruelty, but also to revive peace for future generations”.  

I though that the saying “…the
Soviet Union pulled out a motto “Everything for the Front, everything for the Victory” could be change to “the
Soviet Union stated a motto…”
I really like the quote that the author uses about Stalin speech to the Soviet people on the July 3, 1941. “To destroy everything that can’t be evacuated”…hm…these words so much speak out the philosophy based on “mine, or nobody’s”. He didn’t think about the value of all those things, the work that was put into building all those things. Why? The work of other’s “has not such a great value”. The leaders had one goal: to win the war, and didn’t really care about the victims. They didn’t care about the lives, about the fates, about the numbers… 

The story of the interviewed person by the author is very sad and impressing, and it actually shows the fate of thousands of people that had similar fate during the war. Inhuman conditions, hard world, and no care from the side of leaders of the country…Just ruins left. Ruins in nature and ruins in the souls of all those people that managed to survive.

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